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Hear a selection of Siesky's compositions in order to understand their
aesthetic nature and non-traditional stylings.
You can listen to more of our
music on SoundCloud or our Youtube Channel or you can buy them through 
Talent Music Publishers.

Deco Saxophone Quartet

HUMAN                           Duration: 12'00"

Three Quarter-Tuned Pianos (Jacob Mason)

glass, evaporate[d]                   Duration: 4'20"

Double Bass and Piano

lips evaporate                       Duration: 12'00

8.1-Channel Fixed Media

...grind...                               Duration: 8'15

Art Miniatures                      Duration: 6'00

Solo Piano (Laura Silva)

yellow drips from my head    Duration: 10'00

Ensemble Ibis

Remnants                               Duration: 9'00

Mississippi Valley Orchestra

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