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Anti-Hero (2018)       Duration: 6'00

Piano and Mixed Percussion Duet

Anti-Hero or Anti-Heroine – a protagonist who lacks the qualities of the traditional hero archetype. In many stories, the character works for the greater good, but their methods for achievement are often radical and Unconventional.

This duo-piece musically explores the artifice of the Anti-Hero through an octave-designated synthetic scale that, in my mind, ascribes to the duality of the Anti-Hero. In order from lowest to highest range, the scale is built from: a Quintal chord, D Lydian Dominant, Ebmaj7 (#9), two Synthetic Hexatonic scales, a Synthetic Whole-Tone Blues scale, and a Quartal chord.

Anti-Hero was premiered by Hypercube at the 2018 Charlotte New Music Festival (Charlotte, NC). Premiered by Andrea Lodge (pf) and Chris Graham (vib and perc).

Solo Piano

Art Miniatures (2018)       Duration: 8'00

Art Miniatures reflects on some of the artists that I have met over the last few years, as well as their unique artistic styles. The primary focus of the work is the exploration of artistic style and detail through rhythmic and harmonic densities. Each miniature then selects specific aspects of each piece of art and explores it musically.

II. Trust Me

Natasha Levandoski’s ‘Trust Me’ presents a person’s eerie transformation into insanity, specifically during the early stages of dissociative personality disorder. Elements from George Russell’s ‘Lydian Chromatic Concept’ are incorporated
into the work.

I. Sunset Over Court

Patrick Connolly’s ‘Sunset Over Court’ depicts a bustling street of students in Athens, Ohio. The piece outlines the passing of silhouettes in the dwindling sunset, as well other static elements of the work. Sunset Over Court is a
reflection about the struggles and tribulation of the college experience.

III. Spotlight: RVA

Paul Donahue’s ‘Spotlight: RVA' depicts Richmond, VA from the Belle Isle Bridge. Paul created the work on digital graphite to better represent the intersections between art and reality. This miniature embraces Richmond through a series of semi-pointillistic music references present in the city’s diverse culture. Some quotes derive from the No BS Brass Band, the Peppas, and the Weekend Plans.

IV. Rising

Originally entitled ‘Pink Graveyard,’ Vivienne Lee’s work depicts an abstract graveyard using oil paint and Procreate. The miniature musically depicts the crippled and tattered souls of a forgotten graveyard and their crooked ascension into the aether.

Art Miniatures won second prize for the 2018 Ohio Federation of Music Collegiate (OFMC) Composition Contest. It was premiered by Laura Silva, pianist on October 19th at the 2018 OFMC State Convention. It was also performed at the 2018 West Fork New Music Festival (Fairmont, WV) and the 2018 SCI Invitational (Morgantown, WV).

Traverse the Flash (2018)       Duration: 8'00

Commission: Apple Orange Pair

Solo Piano

We say that our life flashes before our eyes before we depart this world; but instead of a quick instance, Traverse the Flash depicts a life ‘stretched’ to be experienced in a more contemplative and reflective light. Most of the piece was created through micro-gestures and fragments of improvised phrases where each gesture represents a time-fragment of one’s life within the flash, which is then displaced and interwoven with other gestures.a

Dispositive Contours (2017)       Duration: 10'30

Reed Quintet

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of Disposition is one’s tendency, mood or temperamental makeup and the way in which something acts given certain circumstances. As for Dispositive Contours, the first movement introduces tonality then is immediately challenged by another tonal disposition
in the following movements. This piece works to define where these dispositions exist within the confines of tonal, atonal, or intermediate spectrums.

Movement I acts as an ‘initialization’ where the first disposition is introduced. The movement is relatively short and represents the basic confines of the tonal spectrum. Movement II was composed entirely through the transpositions of three ‘double-functioning’ sets where one part acts as the ‘fundamental bass’ and the other acts as the extended tones, functioning similarly to that of Polychords (ex: {0,2,5,7} / {3,7,e}). Movement III was composed entirely from a ‘transpositive cyclic system’ of three sets and one contrasting, but constant, intervening set. All instruments play each set and its transpositions, but within the confines of their own given ‘rhythmic sets.’ Rhythmic aleatory morphs with the passing of sets to alter the tonal disposition of the movement. In the finale, all rhythms and sets converge on a single focal point to conclude the disposition.

Solo Trumpet

Commission: Nathan Rhodes (Richmond, VA)

DT_FWV.2.0.1 (2018)       Duration: 7'00

DT_FWV.2.0.1 is an ode to a trio of Twitch and YouTube content creators: Mr. Fruit, BlueWestlo, and Rhabby_V. Over time, the three have branded themselves on the Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel as the ‘Dream Team.’ Each movement conveys elements of each character’s distinct personality and play style, as seen in their content output. The collection blends elements from jazz aestheticism to spectralism. The title, while abstract in nature, is a sort of ‘inside joke’ that dedicated subscribers to the Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel will understand.

Solo Cello

...heX... (2017)       Duration: 1'30

…heX… was written as part of the 2018 Charlotte New Music Festival speed writing challenge. The piece draws inspiration from Igor Stravinsky’s chamber  work L’Histoire du Soldat (The Soldier’s Tale) and Kendrick Lamar’s track Humble. The piece is built with fragmented gestures from both pieces that have been added together and juxtaposed against each other. Premiered by Ryan Ash of the Beo String Quartet.

Trumpet Quintet

Purge Circadian (2017)       Duration: 10'30

Hypernychthemeral Syndrome (non-24 disorder) is a chronic circadian rhythm sleep disorder defined as the desynchronization from the 24-hour day, which leads
to insomnia and sometimes other severe conditions. Most people with non-24 are blind, which explains the absence of light in their circadian clock. However, there are extremely rare cases of people who are not blind but have non-24. Purge Circadian draws its inspiration from some of the people and things that help me handle non-24 and its debilitating side effects. This piece is a personal reflection on the trials I’ve faced and the obstacles still to come.

Purge Circadian won the International Trumpet Guild’s 2018 Call for Scores and was performed at the Conference in the same year (San Antonio, TX).

Large Ensemble


Large Ensemble and Fixed Media

Inheritor (2018)       Duration: 16'30

“We the inheritors of a failed state take no pleasure in our youthful invective. The basic contents of our being enrage the most powerful of snowflakes: those who gift bronze statues in return for deference but continue to look upon us with negative stars. A perfect paradox… a tether we’re unequivocally bound to… The sins of the past often define the present. Will we rise to the occasion, painting gold over black, or recede into the ashes of our own crusades?”

Phoenix (2016)       Duration: 6'00

Brazz Quintet and Studio Orchestra

Phoenix is a short cinematic-inspired work featuring a Brass Quintet and Studio Orchestra. The work musically depicts the life-cycle of the Phoenix: its birth from the ashes of its predecessor, the flight of the Phoenix, and its combustive death that restarts the cycle. The piece is dedicated to the current and former members of the Phoenix Brass Quintet (Richmond, VA).



...grind... (2018)       Duration: 8'15

8-Channel Fixed Media

...grind... is inspired by two things: the daily grind and coffee. The piece exists
as a sound synthesis exploration in that all gestures originate from a one-second sound file of a Keurig coffee pod hitting the floor. The majority of the sound gestures were created with Richard Garrett’s “Audio Spray Gun.”

Trombone and Live Electronics

skee-Zoh (2018)       Duration: 11'00

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder in which people interpret reality at an abnormal level, resulting in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and severe cognitive disorders. skee-Zoh is a term my friend uses to describe herself as ‘an individual who meets some, but not all, of the criterion of a schizophrenic.’ skee-Zoh attempts to explore my friend’s reality as a mild schizophrenic, paralleling trombone-related gestures to the milder symptoms of the disorder. Text by Hernando Monsalve (Newport, VA)

Jazz Ensembles


Jazz Ensemble

Daffodils in the Desert (2018)       Duration: 5'30

Daffodils in the Desert was dually inspired by the events that occurred in Charlottesville, VA (Aug. 11-12, 2017) and by a poem authored by NYC-based Saxophonist Logan T. Beaver. This piece is a musical personification of the heartbreak and sorrow caused by these events, but also exemplifies concepts of reality; that good and evil will always be at war, and that every candle lit will also cast a shadow. This piece is also a reflection on the state of the union and the giant steps we are still to take as a nation.

Enter the Four (2015)       Duration: 5'30

Jazz Ensemble

Enter the Four is a medium bluesy funk groove song that leaves the audience wanting more. This is a great piece suitable for a grade 4 big band. Enter the Four is dedicated to four of Ryne’s close friends, all of which coincidentally have the same first name, Jeremy.

Current Projects


Cyclical Obsolescence

Collaboration with Brianne Humphreys

Stereo Fixed Media and Video


Commission: Resonance A-Capella (Athens, OH)

Penitent Lance

Symphony No. 1

Master's Thesis

Symphony Orchestra

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